Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ha'aretz: Israel must help Abbas to restore control over Gaza

"OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- An Israeli newspaper has said that the Israeli government headed by its premier Ehud Olmert sees itself obliged to work on toppling Hamas government in the Gaza Strip and restoring the control of PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and his security apparatuses over it.

The Israeli Ha'aretz newspaper on Saturday considered that Abbas has to assume his responsibilities in Gaza, asserting that in order for Abbas to restore the reins of control over Gaza, the IOA troops need to intervene militarily.

However, one of the paper's commentators Zvi Bar'el warned of the danger of this scenario because if it happens, Abbas will appear in the eyes of his people as a "collaborator with Israel."

In a related context, Israeli security sources said that the security collaboration between the IOF troops and the PA security apparatuses reached unprecedented levels since the signing of the Oslo agreement in 1993.

The Israeli Ma'ariv newspaper quoted those sources as saying that the security cooperation and operations of the IOF troops in the West Bank do not mean that the strength of Hamas has dwindled, adding that the military means cannot reduce the increasing popularity of Hamas.

In the context of security coordination with Israel, the PA intelligence apparatus kidnapped a prominent Hamas leader called Sheikh Ibrahim Jabr, 45, in the industrial zone of the Jenin city, northern West Bank, and took him to an unknown destination, Palestinian eyewitnesses reported.

PA security apparatus in the Nablus city also kidnapped for the second time Zuhair Labada, 51, one of the exiles of Marj Al-Zuhour in south Lebanon, in spite of his suffering of kidney failure, which necessitates conducting dialysis in the hospital on a daily basis.

The Labada family held Abdullah Kamil, the PA intelligence director in Nablus, fully responsible for the life of their son in view of his critical state of health, calling on human rights organizations to intervene to ensure his speedy release."

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