Friday, May 22, 2009

Hezbollah Slams Biden's Visit as Meddling in Lebanese Affairs


"22/05/2009 As expected, the US Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Beirut couldn't pass unnoticed, especially that it comes amid reports that the US has increasing concerns about a possible victory for the national opposition in the forthcoming parliamentary elections

In a statement it released on Friday, Hezbollah commented on the visit and the sequence of US officials' visits to the country ahead of the parliamentary elections.

"The US high interest in Lebanon triggers strong doubts over the reasons behind it," the statement read, adding that this suspicious US concern "constitutes explicit meddling in the Lebanese affairs, which is obviously reflected in the series of visits paid lately by US administration officials to the country."

Hezbollah warned against the US administration's intentions. "We must not forget that the US administration is putting the Zionist enemy's interests at the top of its priorities, and therefore is exerting pressure on everyone and inducing concessions to achieve its goals," the Hezbollah statement noted. "This same administration seems to have completely no concern in the nations' just causes and their rightful requests."

Hezbollah condemned the US insistence on having identical interests with the Zionist entity......"

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