Monday, May 18, 2009

Sayyed Nasrallah: Palestine's Nakba is the Whole Nation's Nakba


COMMENT: I will post the link to this important speech by Sayyed Nasrallah, as soon as it is available.

"Sayyed Nasrallah was speaking in a live address broadcast on Al-Manar TV where he recalled Nakba (Catastrophe) that took place in Palestine 61 years ago.
“Brothers and sisters, the first topic that I would like to address is the Nakba; the Nakba of Palestine and the whole umma that took place 61 years ago. I do not have to recall the facts because we are still living them. When commemorating Nakba, we have to underline the fact that this entity was founded on massacres, exodus and is still based on occupation. Therefore this cannot be a legitimate entity. The establishment of this aggressive entity in the heart of our Arab and Islamic region 61 years ago, is the main reason for all wars and wows in the regions, and therefore the past, present and next generations will have to deal with the repercussions of planting this cancerous body in the region. Everyone ought to realize that the wars that took place in the region were imposed by this entity through hegemony. What the peoples of this region had done was reacting to the occupation that was established in 1948 and expanded in 1967 and 1982. We have to speak the naked truth. The origin of the struggle is the Palestinian cause and everything that happened later was the result of this struggle. The bargain has always been on liquidating this cause. Schemes were set to push the Palestinian people to yield to the status quo, to surrender and to relinquish their legitimate rights. Since the beginning, plans to settle Palestinians (outside Palestine) and finding an alternative country as well as autonomous rule in Gaza and the West Bank were put on the table. 61 years after this collusion on the people of Palestine, and in front of this people’s steadfastness, we can’t but praise this people and its armed resistance and the martyrs, as well as the determination of the families, the injured, the 11,000 detainees and the refugees.”

“We have to remind the Umma and all the free men in the world, particularly the governments and the peoples in the Arab world, that they have a responsibility to take for Palestine and its people, especially those who have been suffering in the Gaza Strip in the wake of the latest war…They share responsibility to support this people with every possible means. This is the people that proved it is worthy of support and perhaps the best proof is that it refused to surrender for decades and it is bearing the suffering of the resistance.”......

The second topic is the Israeli maneuver. This is a fundamental and sensitive issue that requires some illustration in details. First, what is this maneuver and what are the Israelis doing? Second, What are the probabilities? Third, what is required and how we should act?..... "

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