Sunday, May 17, 2009

Obama courts Israel with pact against Tehran

Times Online

عرب خيانات'

"PRESIDENT Barack Obama hopes to tempt Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli leader, into making concessions to the Palestinians by holding out the prospect of a “grand alliance” of moderate Arab states against a nuclear Iran. [COMMENT: After siding with the British and French colonialists against the Ottomans, and opening the door for Western colonization of the Arab world, the Turks referred to the Arabs as "traitorous Arabs" 'عرب خيانات'. History is repeating itself; this time the traitorous Arab regimes forming an alliance with Israel (!) against Iran.]....

There is enormous pressure on Obama and Netanyahu to avoid a clash before the Cairo speech. “Strange as it may seem,” said a veteran Israeli diplomat, “Obama is more dependent now on Netanyahu than vice versa, since one wrong move by Israel towards Iran, Hamas or Hezbollah and the Muslim world will turn against Obama.” "

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