Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mitchell Says “Peace Talks” a Matter of Weeks


"17/06/2009 The Obama administration's special envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, urged Israel and the Palestinians Tuesday to renew “peace negotiations” despite the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech that closed the doors behaind any future talks. Mitchell refused to set a timetable, but said he hoped negotiations will be resumed within weeks......"

COMMENT: Mitchell knows what he is talking about. I also believe that all the Arab sheep, after loudly protesting the Netanyahu speech, will obey the U.S. order and continue the "peace process" charade.

What will be their line in the face of Netanyahu giving them all the finger? They will say that, "the U.S. assured us that Netanyahu is only posturing and playing for his domestic audience (Israel is a democracy, you know, unlike all the Arab regimes who do not need to bother with such niceties.) and what he said in his speech is not his final position. Also, the U.S. assured us that it will continue to use its influence with Israel to reach a settlement base on the "two-state solution."

So the charade will continue; that I guarantee. There is nothing else for the bankrupt PA and the Arab regimes.

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