Monday, June 15, 2009

Recognize Israel as Natural Jewish State & We’ll Give You ... a Ghetto


"15/06/2009 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s awaited speech dealt a severe blow to Palestinians’ hopes and destroyed chances for “peace” especially after they heaved a deep sigh by US envoy George Mitchell’s visit to the region. Netanyahu’s speech indicated that Palestinians should acknowledge the “State of Israel” as a natural Jewish state with its security being guaranteed in order to accept the creation of a demilitarized, defenseless Palestinian state alongside the most terrorist entity ever. He even set conditions on any future peace negotiations: Palestinians, you’ll have a state without the least required standards for Palestine to be an independent state, you’ll have no access to your own airspace, your relatives in exodus will never return and you’ll give us more land whenever we want to build new settlements for “our growing population”, so come to the negotiating table right now, without pre-conditions!......"

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