Monday, June 15, 2009

Waltz With Bibi

By Gilad Atzmon
Palestine Think Tank

"An old Israeli Joke:
Rightwing Settler: Next summer we are going to expel all the Palis who are still on our land.

Leftwing Israeli: This is fine with us, but just make sure that you use air-conditioned busses.

Netanyahu’s speech today taught us once again that Jewish national political polarity is a myth. In reality, there is no such thing.

Once the Zionist political soup is ready to be served there is no real difference between Benyamin Netanyahu and the so-called 'Israeli left’.

They all say YES to a Palestinian state and NO to the Right of Return, for what they really want is the 'Jews only state'......

More than a while ago the Jewish state crossed into the no return zone, its disintegration is immanent. Even Barack Obama won’t be able to save it. "

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