Friday, June 19, 2009

Mubarak Believes Time is Right for Arab-Israeli Peace!


"19/06/2009 US President Barack Obama's “reassertion” of US leadership in the Middle East offers a rare opportunity to get “peace” between Israel and the Palestinians because a “historic settlement” was within reach, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said in an editorial in The Wall Street Journal on Friday.

Mubarak said Obama was willing to take a lead in achieving peace and the Arab world would reciprocate. "A historic settlement is within reach, one that would give the Palestinians their state and freedom from occupation while granting Israel recognition and security to live in peace," wrote Mubarak. "Egypt stands ready to seize that moment, and I am confident that the Arab world will do the same," he added......."

COMMENT: I predicted that the "peace" charade will resume very soon, in spite of Netanyahu's racist positions, along the lines handed down to Mubarak from his masters in Washington.

This is one of the indications. Next, the "Arab" League will modify its "peace" plan to accommodate Israel's demands and to start full normalization with "the Jewish state."

"Arab" League troops will be sent into Gaza to crush Hamas and prepare for declaring Israel as the national Jewish homeland for all Jews, from the river to the sea (and beyond).

The Arabs will be congratulating themselves and thanking Obama for this rare opportunity for "peace" and will be getting ready to fight the real enemy: Iran!

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