Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mel Zelaya back in Honduras! US Imperialism Must Be Defeated In Honduras: Mass Action Needed NowTo Remove The Coup Without US Imperialist Conditions!

By Fenian Rising

"Zelaya has returned to Honduras, and this of course is dealing a shock to US imperialism...
Don't be fooled about the Obama double speak about not supporting the coup there. They are supporting it behind the scenes, that is why the Obamarama has not met with Zelaya even though Zeyala came to Washington to meet with him on a number of occasions...And it appears that the Obamarama regime is behaving in a schizophrenic way...In actuality it must not appear to be supporting this coup, while it really does... Obama does a soft soap about the coup, and he sways back and forth about calling it for what it is... A coup... and then using the terms that Hillary has been using that it is a so-called defacto regime... This is the US imperialist way of recognizing the regime as legitimate without having to out right call it that..."

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