Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Most Stupid Statement by Habila Yet! The Hamas Emirate is Taking Shape!

هنية: حفظة القرآن هم الأحق بقيادة الشعب وكل شيء في فلسطين يتحرك باتجاه تحرير القدس

COMMENT: I will post the English version of this most stupid statement by Habila, when available.

"متمنيًا تسمية غزة بـ"قطاع حفظة القرآن

"أكد رئيس الوزراء الفلسطيني إسماعيل هنية أن حفظة كتاب الله تعالى هم الأحق بقيادة الشعب الفلسطيني؛ لأنهم يشكلون سور الحماية والوقاية له من كل ما يخطط له أعداؤه، مشددًا على أن القرآن يمس كل شيء في حياة الإنسان؛ ابتداءً من الأمن والسياسة والاقتصاد والحرب، وانتهاءً بالسلم والتهدئة والتصعيد؛ فهو النبراس الذي يتم السير عليه.
ودعا هنية إلى الاستمرار على هذا الطريق والمنهج بعض النظر عن أي عواقب تعترضه، قائلاً: "نحن نريد أن نصل بقطاع غزة إلى اللحظة التي نستطيع أن نسمِّيَه فيها "قطاع حفظة القرآن"؛ وذلك للانطلاق نحو تحرير القدس".

ونوَّه أن "أمن البلد وأمن المقاومة والقيادات مرتبط بالقرآن؛ فهو حجاب من الزنانات والرادارات ومن أجهزة التنصت والتجسس"، وأضاف: "نريد أن نصل بالقطاع إلى لحظة نسمِّيه فيها "قطاع حفظة القرآن" 10 و20 حتى 100 ألف أو يزيد، قطاع الانطلاق نحو القدس".


The man made a very stupid statement which belie all the Hamas claims of pluralism and dedication to democracy and free elections. It is a very sectarian statement which reveals a Chauvinistic agenda.

He is saying that not only those who know the Quran, but those in particular (like himself and his son) who have memorized the Quran, are the ones more worthy of leading the struggle! All others have simply to ride in the back of the bus!

So, George Habash, by this criterion is an infidel who is not qualified to lead the struggle, and by implication should ultimately be fought!

This goes to the very heart of the issue of why resorting to religion, and a very narrow definition of it, is very divisive of the Palestinian society and is very dangerous before liberation is achieved. Before liberation is even attempted, let alone achieved, Hamas is pitting one segment of society against another. First came the suppression of women. Next came that against those who do not know or memorize the Quran! Where is this leading?

Seriously, I did not at first give much weight to the fact that the Israeli occupation initially encouraged the emergence of Hamas as a counterweight to the nationalist liberation movement (at that time it was led by Fatah). But now I am beginning to see the advantages to Israel by having a movement like Hamas that is dividing the society and diverting energies from real liberation to religious Fatwas and slogans about who is fit to lead the struggle.

One final word: Memorizing the Quran, does not mean understanding the Quran. Understanding the Quran does not mean applying the Quran. The Muslim world is full of hypocrites who, as Abdul-Halim Qandil said in an Arabic article I posted a few days ago, go to the mosque in the morning and open their pockets for bribes at noon, and pray for the Pharaoh to stay in power! They recite the Quran and receive Netanyahu in the middle of Ramadan. They issue Fatwas about what the Quran supposedly says, while looking the other way while Jerusalem is Judaized and its Palestinian inhabitants kicked out of their homes.

Enough hypocrisy and ignorance! To those who are proud of memorizing the Quran, I say that even parrots can memorize many phrases!

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