Sunday, November 8, 2009

Arab Air Farces.....and What They Are Used for.

'Yemeni fighters shot down fighter jet'

Press TV

"Yemen's Houthi fighters say they have shot down a fighter jet during clashes with government forces in north-western Yemen.

"Our anti-aircraft batteries shot down a military plane, which carried out bombings in the city of Razeh, near the border with Saudi Arabia," Abdessalam Mohammad, a spokesman for the fighters, told AFP.

This is while, the Yemeni military said the plane crashed due to technical problems.....[Same technical problems NATO and the USAF face in Afghanistan, I am sure.]

This is the third time Yemen has lost an air force fighter jet in Saada since the army began its latest offensive on the Houthi fighters on August 11.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia says it has regained control of its border region of Jabal Dukhan. The area was earlier seized by the Houthis.

Saudi warplanes have been targeting Houthi positions inside Yemen since Thursday after four Saudi troopers reportedly went missing. Houthi fighters say they captured the Saudi troops inside Yemeni territory. "

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