Monday, February 1, 2010

Obama's hi-tech weapons plan for Gulf sees US reverting to type

Proposal to counter Iran may come to be seen as a gamble with peace, rendering the war president seeks to avoid more likely

Simon Tisdall, Sunday 31 January 2010

".....By its missile deployments, and through this weekend's publicity, the US hopes to reassure its Arab friends. It seeks to de-fang Israeli hawks demanding swift military action. It wants to deter Iran, not fight it.

But Washington, perhaps, is also inadvertently signalling to friends and enemies alike that the new era of engagement with old adversaries that ostensibly dawned one year ago is ­drawing prematurely to a close. Officially, the US still wants to talk to Tehran. In practice, meaningful dialogue now looks less likely.

In Iran, after 12 months in office, Obama has got nowhere by making nice. He didn't try that hard. He didn't try for that long. And now it seems the US is reverting to type."

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