Monday, February 1, 2010

War won with talks, not troops

The answer to ending conflict in Afghanistan does not lie in guns and money

By Eric Margolis
The Toronto Sun

"The U.S. and its NATO allies are losing the nine-year-old war in Afghanistan. So Washington and London, both in dire financial straits, say they are now ready for a possible face-saving peace deal with the Pashtun Taliban and its nationalist allies.

If you can’t bomb them into submission, buy them off. A conference was held in London last Thursday to raise tens of millions of dollars to try to bribe lower level Taliban to co-operate with the western occupation and/or lay down its arms.

Bribery is a time-honoured tool of war. But it’s not the answer in Afghanistan.

The bloody Afghan conflict can only be ended by genuine peace negotiations and withdrawal of all foreign troops.

U.S. commanders in Afghanistan admit they have lost the military initiative....."

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