Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Dayton Gang on a Rampage to Earn Their Pay: Palestinian Authority claims arrests of 300 Hamas members in response to killing of settlers

"In the largest arrest campaign since it took power in 1994, the Palestinian Authority, run by the Fateh party, sent security officers all over the West Bank Wednesday morning to arrest known members of the rival Hamas party, after Hamas' armed wing claimed responsibility for the killing of four Israeli settlers Tuesday night.

According to the Palestinian Authority, at least 300 were arrested and taken to Palestinian police stations and prisons...."


The message is very clear and very ominous: The Palestinian cause is finally being liquidated by Washington and Tel Aviv.

The Dayton gang was formed, trained and armed for just this moment. New prisons have been built and expanded all over the West Bank.

The stooge Abbas will sell everything and Dayton and Fayyad will impose the agreement by force of arms. The police non-state will pull all the stops to crush any resistance. These are the orders of the Empire and they are to be obeyed!

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