Friday, December 17, 2010

Listen to This Idiot From Hamas (Former "Foreign Minister"): Time is on our Side, Says Hamas Leader Zahar


".....Hamas says it has adhered to the ceasefire it negotiated after Israel's 22-day war on Gaza which ended in January 2009, and Zahar said the group had no intention of violating it. "We are here, and really we have to reconstruct what was destroyed by Israel -- houses, hospitals, schools." He pledged Hamas would continue to "resist the occupation" but insisted resistance was more than military confrontation. "One of the methods of resistance is to reject the occupation as an idea [Wow! What a revolutionary idea; why didn't I think of that??], one is to educate yourself and your people in their culture[such as wearing the burka? Now that is resistance; yes sir! Does that also include oppressing Palestinian women? That is a higher level of resistance!], one is to prepare yourself for the war if it happens. "This," he said, "is resistance.""


What an idiot! Even the Taliban of Afghanistan have by far better understanding of what resistance is all about.

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