Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Brazilian political cartoonist lampoons military leaders

Al-Masry Al-Youm

"As the gap widens between the revolutionaries and their military rulers, a remote voice from across the Atlantic is increasingly being heard in Egypt.

Only a few hours after hearing a speech by Mohsen al-Fangary, deputy defense minister and spokesperson of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), in which he refused to make any concessions to the demands of protesters occupying Tahrir Square, Brazilian political cartoonist Carlos Latuff had his say.

Latuff, who’s now a familiar name around demonstrators’ circles in Cairo. Alexandria and Suez, animated the speech in a cartoon, dressing up a mouse in a military uniform shouting, “Roar!” at the protesters.

The production of Latuff’s newest cartoon was quick, reflecting the urgency of a man who is deeply concerned about the political unrest in Egypt....

Latuff says that his defiant views about the SCAF are deeply rooted in his own political experience.

“Let's just say that we Brazilians have a good knowledge of living under a military dictatorship,” he quips. “We lived for 20 years under a military junta. There was lots of torture, killings and disappearances. The role of generals is not to rule a nation.”

To Latuff, the same rule should apply to Egypt.....

Latuff’s cartoons have now become entrenched in the revolutionary culture; many of them are now distributed in Tahrir Square. Famous journalist Yosri Fouda even featured his cartoon, “Suez Warriors,” on his television program.

Latuff is proud that protesters have used and continue to use his cartoons in their demonstrations. He recently tweeted, “I can't take credit for all 'toons I made about #Egypt. YOU Egyptians give me ideas and inspiration. Shukran. #Jan25”....."

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