Friday, July 15, 2011

Islamists… Which side are you on?

By Hossam El-Hamalawy

"The Islamist forces, without exception, are now against the sit-ins in Tahrir, Suez, Alexandria and elsewhere in the country. And I mean here the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafis, Gamaa Islamiya and even the pathetic intellectuals of the “moderate” Wassat Party. All are singing praise of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (read: Mubarak’s army generals), describing the sit-ins and protests as “chaos”, “conspiracy from abroad”, “work of thugs”, “counterrevolution”, bla bla bla .. in a language that is no different from what State Security Police used to do during the uprising, and what the military continues to do till today.

No wonder the shabab in Tahrir kicked out Sheikh Safwat Hegazi (the Islamist preacher with MB roots who supported the uprising strongly but was more than happy to become a SCAF lackey later) when he showed up at the square two nights ago, accusing him of opportunism and being an agent of SCAF.....

Shame on them. I will not sing this stupid hymn of “national unity.” It’s time to make a clear stand, distinguish who’s for the revolution and who has decided to side with the counterrevolution… And the Islamist forces leaders are clearly on the side of the counterrevolutionary generals. I hope the Islamist youth, those who defied their leaders’ orders and took part in the uprising, will wake up and know what sort of opportunists run their organizations. "

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