Monday, March 12, 2012

Bibi stirs trouble with attack on Gaza

By Ramzy Baroud
Asia Times

"Israel's perfect story to justify a preemptive war against Iran necessitates keeping Hamas in the evil alliance, in the threat to the "free world". So it helps when headlines blare that Gaza rockets drive Israeli civilians to shelters, and "terror groups" in Gaza pay the penalty. It matters little that Israel itself stirred the trouble, broke the truce, and fanned the flames....
....But then, as the supposed threat has reached an all-time high, Hamas spokesperson in Gaza, Fawzi Barhoum told AP: "Hamas weapons and the weapons of the Palestinian resistance, in general, are humble weapons that aim to defend and not to attack, and they are to defend the Palestinian people ... that does not give us the ability to be part of any regional war."

Hamas has its own calculations independent of Israel's war momentum. But losing Hamas would jeopardize the very equation Israel has been constructing for years. The "radical camp" must remain intact, as far as Israel is concerned. No political polarization caused by the so-called Arab Spring will be allowed to endanger the Israeli narrative: the radicals, the evil alliance, the threat facing the "free world" and all the rest. Great resources were spent on spinning the perfect story to justify a preemptive war....."

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