Monday, March 12, 2012

Gaza violence: 'we don't want to escalate but maybe we have no choice'

Rockets from militants are slamming into Israeli cities, Israeli air strikes are killing Palestinian children, and no end is in sight

Harriet Sherwood in Beit Lahiya, Monday 12 March 2012

".....Hamas's leader, Mahmoud al-Zahar, said he expected the violence to calm down, denying to Reuters that Hamas had taken any decision to escalate. "Hamas is trying to reach a truce conditioned on the Israeli enemy halting the aggression and pledging that targeting will not happen again," he said from Cairo.

But Taher Nounou, a Hamas spokesman in Gaza City, told the Guardian: "We didn't participate up to now, but I don't know if this situation will continue. If [Israel] goes on we can't stand by and do nothing while our people are killed. We don't want to make an escalation, but maybe we have no choice." Hamas had conveyed this message to Israel, he added....."

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