Monday, March 26, 2012

No representation in Egypt’s constituent assembly

By Joseph Mayton
Bikya Masr

"Egypt set the Constituent Assembly on Sunday. All 100 members. The problem is, and the liberal and left see this clear as day, it is not representative of Egyptian society and will undoubtedly bring forward a new, Islamic constitution that pushes Egypt one step closer to their ultra-conservative bedfellow Saudi Arabia.

While we should not be spreading doomsday scenarios just yet, what we are witnessing in Egypt is the slow build toward complete Islamist control of the country. Even more so after last week, the Muslim Brotherhood hinted that they would field a candidate in the May presidential election. Of course, they argued it was to buttress the military junta’s power and refusal to acquiesce to their demands. We know the truth.

The Islamists have gone from speaking and saying the right things to what appears to be an entrenched government who has learned quickly the scent of power and want to indulge even longer, possibly indefinitely.

The Constituent Assembly is to draft Egypt’s constitution, ideally a document that will need little changes, let alone an overhaul, in the coming years and decades. Yet, when one looks at the council’s representatives, it is easy to see this will not be the case. And this was before the liberal parties walked out in protest of the Islamist majority......"

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