Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Seven Syrian generals flee to Turkey

The Guardian


Seven more Syrian generals have fled to Turkey, according to the Turkish news agency Anadolou.
They asked for refugee status at the border town of Reyhanli, it said.

The Turkish daily Zaman reckons 42 Syrian generals have now fled to Turkey since the uprising began.......
Oil pipeline explosion near Homs

An explosion hit the main oil pipeline feeding a refinery on the western edge of the Syrian city of Homs during fighting between rebels and army forces in the area, Reuters reports citing activists.
Video footage, which could not be independently verified, showed thick smoke rising from the pipeline which links eastern oil fields with the Homs refinery, one of two in the country.
"The pipeline exploded overnight when fighting broke out after the Free Syrian Army launched concerted attacks against army roadblocks in the area," Nader al-Husseini, an opposition campaigner, said from Homs.
The pipeline, located in a farmland area called al-Basatin, has been hit several times before, with both sides accusing the other of sabotaging it....."

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