Friday, November 9, 2012

Syria Live Updates

The Guardian

"9,000 Syrians crossed Turkey

Whatever Feller and the UNHCR said to Turkey about opening its border to Syrians appears to have had a dramatic impact.

Last night a record 9,000 people came across the border, according to the UNHCR's Sybella Wilkes.
Last month Human Rights Watch said up 10,000 people have blocked at the Turkish border since restrictions were imposed in August......

The UN has warned that the number of people inside Syria needing humanitarian aid could rise sharply from 2.5 million now to 4 million by early next year, AP reports.

John Ging, operations director for the UN humanitarian office, said the UN was also forecasting that the number of refugees fleeing the violence will increase to 700,000 by early 2013. Speaking ahead of Friday’s fifth Syria humanitarian forum in Geneva, Ging said: “People need to be aware of just how desperate the situation is inside Syria for the people there ... It’s just getting a lot worse very rapidly for the ordinary people.”....." 

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