Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Syria Live Update

The Guardian

The rapid disintegration of Syria is now out of control, according to a particularly gloomy blogpost by Syria watcher Joshua Landis
The rich are fleeing in every greater numbers in order not to become targets of the poor. Everyone has a price-tag on his head ... The cousin of a friend just went down stairs in Aleppo this morning to find, “You are next. Allahu Akbar,” written on the windshield of his car ... The meltdown is well on its way and has a dynamic all its own. There is no stopping it now. Syria is unleashed. Guns rule and the strong will eat the weak. Brahimi speaks of Syria turning into Somalia and a “big catastrophe.” If that happens, it will become a prime target for American and Israeli drones, which will troll the skies in hunting aL-Qaida and those with a long beards, as is the case in Pakistan and Yemen......."

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