Monday, October 2, 2006


Fatah Thugs Spreading Chaos to Justify a Coup

By Tony Sayegh

All indications point to the strong probability of an Abbas-engineered coup within a day or two. Many observations lead to this conclusion:

1) Intense consultations between Jordan and the puppet Abbas, who is in Jordan, and between Egypt and Jordan.

2) The role that Egypt played in meetings in Gaza. Egypt demanded that Hamas withdraw its force that was trying to impose order, but at the same time Abbas' forces have remained deployed throughout Gaza. Hamas (stupidly) agreed. I am afraid that Hamas is being snookered, in the name of "national unity" and working with "brother Abu Mazen."

3) Aides to Abbas have announced that he will make a decision by tomorrow, when he returns from Jordan. The possibilities mentioned: Dissolve the government and declare a state of emergency, have a government of technocrats and call for early elections. All of these steps amount to spinning a coup, while pretending that it is not a coup.

4) Rice will be in Ramallah on Wednesday or Thursday, and she wants that her orders to have been carried out by then.

5) After a short period of quiet in Gaza, clashes resumed with two more people killed. In the WB, Fatah's supporters have continued their attacks on Hamas' offices, ministers, buildings and have forced a general strike. Matters continue to escalate.

This is a crucial test for Hamas and how it handles the situation. Is it going to cave in, in the name of "national unity" or is it willing to stand up to its principles? We will not have to wait too long to find out.

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