Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Rice's visit to the region; an American attempt to undermine the historic victory in Lebanon

Al-Manar special report

"The visit of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to the region could have a different impact than previous visits. This visit does not carry an attempt to prepare Lebanon for one of the American - Israeli projects that have been foiled thanks to the steadfastness of the resistance and the Lebanese people. Such projects were also foiled due to the inability of some Lebanese political players to continue bargaining on foreign positions aimed at emptying the historic victory in Lebanon from its national, regional and even international meanings. After Washington failed to incite against the resistance before and during the 33-day Israeli war against Lebanon, the American administration along with some Arab regimes are working on undermining the victory, through a new project whose details still lie in Rice's visit. The American presence in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordanian and the United Arab emirates, highlights the features of this new project to reshape the region. The first potentiality is to restore the political map that had prevailed in the region prior to the recent Israeli war, when Lebanon was third priority on the US Administration's agenda, after Iraq and Palestine. The second possibility is to bring about ways to undermine the aftermath of the victory, in a way that serves some Arab regimes and rulers as well as the American interests, thus sliding into a much more complex and broader "venture". Observers say that the first probability is likely to take effect simultaneously with the activation of the American role in Lebanon. The American Administration would then announce the beginning of a political process that would draw propositions such as "forming a national unity government", but according to the American agenda. Reports said that US Ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey Feltman told the so called February 14 powers, of the necessity to change President Emile Lahoud, draw up a new electoral law, hold legislative elections and them form a national unity government. Analysts described Feltman's approach as an attempt to refresh the February 14 powers that was frustrated by Hezbollah's victory. While on her regional tour, Rice will seek to impose the American agenda in the region. This is beginning to become clearer with the rise in the American tone against the Palestinian government led by Hamas, in order to close the Palestinian issue with the formation of a national unity government that respects the so called Road Map to peace. Doing so, the Palestinian issue will put on hold, and the Americans and their so called "moderate" Arab allies will shift to bigger issues in the region and deal with what is called states of "axes"."

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