Saturday, January 6, 2007

Hamas: Washington's money to Abbas' guards targets igniting civil war

"Gaza - The Hamas Movement has strongly denounced the American administration's financial assistance to PA chief Mahmoud Abbas' loyalist forces as a fresh attempt to igniting Palestinian civil war.

The Movement said in a statement that the American administration, which spearheads an "oppressive siege" of the Palestinian people alongside Israel and a number of regional countries, was extending 86 million dollars to Abbas' loyalist forces to confront the Hamas Movement and to quell the Palestinian resistance.

It charged that such a step was a "blatant intervention in Palestinian internal affairs" and a fresh attempt to ignite a Palestinian civil war.

Hamas asked Abbas to declare a clear stand toward the news that was included in a document published by a news agency.

"If the American administration was keen on the Palestinian people's interests and willing to help them then it should have rather rushed to lift the siege imposed on the people and allow the channeling of necessary financial assistance," the Movement concluded.

In an earlier statement, the Hamas Movement said that it was running out of patience vis-à-vis the incessant attacks by a trend within the Fatah Movement against Hamas leaders and cadres.

It urged Abbas to bridle his Fatah faction and warned that it would no longer put up with such practices."

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