Thursday, January 4, 2007

Posthumous Secrets & Truths

Painting : Iraqi Artist, Dr. Ala Al Bashir

An Arab Woman Blues
A Powerful Piece
By Layla Anwar

"....A good deal of the reactions I have witnessed from the above lot were very similar to what I witnessed on the lynching video that has been circulating.
Hooded men jumping and dancing around a dead corpse.
So is this what it amounts to in the end ?
With this fascistic predisposition, America will be staying in Iraq for decades. The anti war movement can go and bury itself alive. They will be doing the Iraqi people a great favor by doing so. As for the "experts " on the Middle East, the Arabic speaking ones, they have shown their disgraceful face . Not that they were graced before, but as I said, Death has this cunning ability of revealing hideous traits and enhancing them. Have a look around the blogs and you will see for yourself. Some nearly orgasmed at the Execution.

When it comes to Human rights organizations, they are nothing but pitiful.
Was just watching an hour long program, an interview with the "head" of Amnesty International. Not one word mentionned about the human rights abuses in Guantanamo, not one word on the lynching of the late President Saddam Hussein, not one word on the illegal American occupation of Iraq. I will not even bother citing the other agencies. Variations on the same theme.

What can I say about the executioners? They will be featuring in another gruesome video soon- at dawn again. The first one was to celebrate the first day of the muslim Feast and the second one to celebrate it's ending.
When I look at them, I try very hard to put my disgust aside and I keep imagining in a cold rational way what exactly happened.
How they deliberately kept Saddam awake a few hours before his execution and would not let him sleep.They would show him the rope every 3o mn. How they refused to even let him smoke his final cigarette. How they taunted a man about to die with insults just before he is to be hanged. How they mutilated the face of a dead man and bruised it after his death . How they danced and sang later around the cadaver. My only relief is that they did not engage in some cannibalistic, necrophiliac orgy.
Then they probably went home and drank some halal whiskey , burped and fell asleep.A bit like the anti war movement really
The irony is that despite all this morbid charade, Saddam outwitted them. He died as a very dignified person and they appeared as the sadistic criminals that they are. Too cowardly to drive home , a military American helicopter took them back to the Green Zone.

As for the American Zionists who planned the timing , they now claim that they tried to delay it. Catching up on saving some face, the little they have left, if at all. Still trying hard to show how humane they are.Politically correct oblige.

And what does the anti war movement do ? It applauds. And what do the so called fake "arab"2 cents worth "intellectuals" do? They applaud even harder.
And who joined the applause apart from America and the valiant "left"? Israel and Iran.

Curiously, after I finished writing my post " And the Crows sang at Dawn", I received a mail from a friend, out of the blue and by total "coincidence" entitled "the Jewish Calendar in Action."
And this what the e.mail said :
" Today the 10th of Tevet (31st of December- one day after the Death of Saddam Hussein) is a day of fasting , commemorating the siege of Jerusalem by the despot Nebuchadnezzar of whom Saddam claimed to be the reincarnation...and other more secular Jews commemorate this day as a remembrance for the loss of their loved ones during the Holocaust..."
Again,curiously enough the 10th of Tevet coincided with the Iranian Shi'ias celebration of Eid al Adha and the West's celebration of New Year's Eve.
A Diabolical timing indeed.

Some of you may get offended that I am lumping IT all together . Americans, Zionists Jews, Sectarian Iranian Shia's and the anti war "left". Am glad, because this is exactly what I am doing.
Those of you-whomsoever you are- you have not faced Death face to face or by proxy, and you, who can easily sit and plan, connive, strategize, theorize, analyze, calculate, council, orate or satirize in grave moments of history. In moments when hundreds are dying daily, where life is a thing of the past, when a sovereign country is being raped along with its people ...deserve nothing less than to be lumped together as a fascistic,sadistic,racist, ignorant,despicable,evil lot.

What you fail to understand and probably will never understand, being the limited people that you are is that Saddam's Death has ultimately nothing to do with the politician or the persona.
Grieving Saddam is grieving a concept, a symbol, a wish, a hope, a vision, a sense of belonging... But since you are so limited in your understanding of anything that goes beyond facts and figures, there is absolutely no point explaining it to you

I leave you now in your tedious hypocrisy, in your boring ignorance and in your bigoted visions. But before I sign off , I have another secret to share with you. Do keep it hush hush and don't bother googling it because you won't find it on the web (your ultimate academic reference!).
Bremmer, the suave gangster Bremmer asked one of his assistants before he left office in Baghdad :
"How many are the Iraqis today?" the Assistant replied :" Around 24 million".
"Too much" he replied " WE shall bring it down to 5 million
And you lot are helping him in this.

Now let me go and throw up as I am feeling politically nauseating.
Good night."

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