Friday, January 5, 2007

Marzouq: a trend within Fatah is working against democracy with foreign help

"Damascus – Deputy Chief of Hamas Political Bureau, Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouq, accused a trend within the Fatah movement of working to thwart the Palestinian democratic experience which brought Hamas to power.

"It is sad that there is a decision to thwart the first transparent democratic experience in the region which took place under occupation and which brought Hamas to power in place of a political power which monopolised the management of the Palestinian issue since 1969 despite the weakness and deterioration which the Palestinian issue suffered during its reign." Dr. Marzouq said in a statement to Quds press.

He added that when the people elected Hamas, this faction mobilised its members, supported by regional and international forces, and one of the results of this mobilization was the oppressive siege imposed on the Palestinian people and the security chaos in all its forms and its painful results we are observing today.

He stressed that Hamas is holding to its principle that rejects the conspiracy against the Palestinian democratic experience; "What we see in terms of security chaos in all its forms, are but means to thwart the Palestinian people's choice. This is rejected by Hamas which believes that the way is political participation and national dialogue."

When asked about his fears that Hamas's rejection could lead to infighting, he said: "We count on our people, whether they were in the security forces or the presidential guards to value the Palestinian blood and are capable of avoiding infighting."

Marzouq strongly condemned the tragic events in the Gaza Strip and said: "the spilling of any Palestinian blood is a step in the wrong direction."

He accused the USA of fuelling the strife by giving aid to Abbas's presidential guards. He also blamed the international community of siding with one faction instead of supporting Palestinian national reconciliation. He excluded Russia from this accusation saying that Russia has stopped the sale of armoured vehicles to Abbas's presidential guards.

He stressed that the Russian decision was taken by President Vladimir Putin to prevent Palestinian civil war which Israel is trying to ignite."

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