Thursday, January 18, 2007

Haneyya: USA, Israel conspire to abort Palestinian national project

"Gaza - PA Prime Minister Ismail Haneyya has warned Wednesday that the American and Israeli governments were planning to sow diverseness and civil war in the Palestinian arena with the aim to abort the entire Palestinian national project and national unity.

In a speech he delivered in Gaza city before Palestinian dignitaries and heads of clans in Gaza Strip, the premier revealed that the American-Israeli scheme was based on three pillars, first, to disallow the formation of Palestinian national unity government.

Second, he added, is to ignite national divisiveness and a civil war in the Palestinian arena that, according to him, was obvious during the latest visit of the US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice to the region.

The third pillar of the conspiracy, Haneyya explained, was to hit the entire Palestinian national project, elaborating, "That is why they (Israeli and American governments) were promoting the establishment of a Palestinian state with temporary borders in order to make the apartheid wall that Israel constructed in the West Bank as permanent borders in the future".

But he asserted that his government and Hamas Movement will not allow such a scheme to pass as they were very much concerned with preserving Palestinian national unity and national project.

"Our martyrs have entrusted the entire Palestinian people not to deviate from the right path and not to lose the compass along that path", Haneyya underlined, adding that the Palestinian people are naturally peace-loving people that know not the culture of hatred.

However, he underscored, a battle was forced on the Palestinian people against "an enemy that occupied their lands and denied them their legal rights".

In conclusion, the prime minister reaffirmed his government's commitment to forming a PA national unity government based on Palestinian agenda and in harmony with the Palestinian national interests."

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