Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Orders of The Witch Are Being Obeyed

It is now confirmed that what was posted here a couple of days ago was true. See:
Mahmoud Abbas calls off his appointments in Damascus with Syrian ruler Assad and Hamas leader Meshaal after a severe scolding by Rice.

At that time expectations were that an agreement on a unity government was imminent, that behind the scenes negotiations were making a great deal of progress and that Abbas would finalize an agreement with Khalid Mash'al in Damascus, this week.

Of course, that was before the midwife of death scolded him and told him to not even think of it or even think of going to Damascus. Being the puppet and spineless stooge that he is, he obeyed. Now Al-Jazeera has confirmed that there will be no negotiations with Mash'al, assuming Abbas even goes to Damascus. In addition, in order to inflame the internal Palestinian situation according to the witch's plan, Abbas asserted that he is sticking to early elections. See this in Al-Jazeera:

فشل جهود الوساطة لعقد لقاء بين عباس ومشعل بدمشق.

On another front, which involves the arming of the thugs of Abbas at the tune of $86 millions by Condoleezza. When the news came out and was persistent, Abbas originally denied it. He told the witch to keep the news quiet in order not to embarrass him. But the witch wants the news in the open to strengthen the axis of puppets in the region. Next Abbas said that this "aid" was part of the help from the "Quartet!" When that did not fly, he now says that he would accept military aid from anyone (!) to replace arms lost by his puppet forces in recent clashes!

Unbelievably brazen I should say. And there are Palestinians who still support this traitor? I am almost despairing about the Palestinian situation. I had higher hopes and expectations, but money buys everything, even Palestinians.

Tony Sayegh

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