Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Last, Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel

By Tony Sayegh

It has been said that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. This worked very well for the Scoundrel-in-Chief for a couple of years. He wrapped himself in the American flag and declared himself as the "war president" and the great defender of the American people from the "evildoers." He kept repeating 9/11 and Al-Qaeda in every speech and the American sheeple rallied behind him.

No more! It took more than 3 years for the Americans to wake up and see through the fog, the lies and the smoke and mirrors. They no longer believe the Liar-in-Chief. About 60% of Americans want a speedy withdrawal from Iraq; they have reached the tipping point.

Instead of listening to the people and winding down this catastrophe, the "war president" declares that he is expanding the war and escalating. This, of course, is to show that he is a tough leader, in the image of Churchill, making tough decisions. The country is in uproar against the declared escalation. Faced with public outrage, even Congress came to life. Some of the spineless Democrats are attempting to grow a spine. Even in his own party, a mini rebellion is developing against the Decider of doom.

So, where does the Scoundrel go to solicit support? From the puppet Arab regimes! They are the Scoundrel's last, last refuge. It was pathetic, when most Americans are opposing the insane military escalation of their president, to see Condoleezza lining up the obedient stooges from Egypt to Jordan, S.A., Kuwait and the rest of the Gulf kennel to declare support for the "surge!" What a sight!

It speaks volumes that a small scoundrel of a president found the only support and refuge among a handful of his own small puppets.

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