Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kissinger Teams Up with the Neocons

By Kurt Nimmo

"Heinz Kissinger, the Butcher of Cambodia, who essentially signed the death warrants for thousands of Chileans, Indonesians, and micromanaged the slaughter of countless Vietnamese while nodding and winking in Pol Pot’s direction, has bestowed his venomous grace on Bush and the neocons.

“Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, an iconic conservative who continues to command the attention of the White House, praises President Bush’s moves in Iraq and says that leaving the war-torn nation is not possible under present conditions,” writes Mike Sheehan for Raw Story.

In an International Herald Tribune op-ed, the elder Malthusian—it rings more true than “elder statesman’—praises Bush’s “bold decision to order a ’surge’ of some 20,000 American troops for Iraq,” thus providing all the evidence we need that neocons and traditional neolibs are on the same page when it comes to killing Arabs and Muslims.....

Kissinger asserts that the Iraq war is part of a larger conflict, namely ‘the assault on the international order conducted by radical groups in both Islamic sects,’ particularly against the United States. He insists that despite public disenchantment with the war in Iraq, ‘under present conditions, withdrawal is not an option,’” Sheehan continues. “He calls America ‘the indispensable component of any attempt to build a new world order.’”

There’s that phrase again—one that will get you pegged as a conspiracy nut in mixed company—the “new world order.”

Naturally, for Kissinger and the global elite, America is “the indispensable component of any attempt to build a new world order,” or rather the “dumb, stupid animals” of the American military are “indispensable” components, more accurately expendable components (according to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, Kissinger made the “stupid animals” remark to Alexander Haig). Kissinger, like the neocons, has no regard for the American people, that is beyond their utility as bullet-stoppers and cash cows, thus he has no concern for the fact an overwhelming number of Americans oppose the occupation of Iraq.

Kissinger’s remark about “the international order conducted by radical groups in both Islamic sects,” in other words Islam writ large, is evidence the neocons and neolibs are on the same page when it comes to utilizing made-in-the-USA terrorism to not only deconstruct Islamic societies, but push forward the neoliberal plan to hold a global fire sale, otherwise know as “free trade” and “privatization” conducted at gunpoint.

Finally, as an indication Kissinger and the neocons support this criminal deconstruction, including the murder of hundreds of thousands of people, consider Kissinger’s declaration that the United States “must not involve itself in the sectarian conflict for any extended period,” as this miserable process, long planned by the neocons and their Israeli collaborators, must be allowed to blossom in full, thus “leveling the playing field” for the neolibs, who will rush in to pick up the pieces, that is to say capture all of worth, namely huge reserves of oil and other precious and profitable natural resources. "

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