Sunday, June 10, 2007

A dispatch from the frontline

What I experienced on my visit to Israel and the West Bank was worse than I could have imagined.

By Ajmal Masroor

The Guardian

"The style of questioning at Tel Aviv airport seems deliberately designed to test a person's patience and level of tolerance in the face of insults. My story is not the first, nor is it likely to be the last told about Israel. However, my experience there was worse than I could have imagined. Now I believe that Israel pursues racist policies and deliberately targets Muslims travelling there......

I was so shocked and in tears when I saw the wall built by the Israelis that has devastated Palestinian lives and economy. It snakes through the West Bank, almost grotesque in its ugliness. Families have been force to live on two sides of the wall and schools have been closed down because communities have been forcefully divided. I felt outraged with my government for not doing enough to prevent this.

Berlin Wall came down and I believe this wall will come down too. The destruction of the former marked the beginning of the end of cold war; I hope the destruction of the latter would bring an end to the occupation of the Palestinian land and hostilities in the region.

No country, no people or nation can succeed by oppressing others. Peace and security can never be obtained by erecting walls or confiscating lands. Prosperity can not be attained by causing misery to others. Daily suffering and humiliation of the Palestinians people would not make peace in the region possible."

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