Friday, November 9, 2007

Muslim politician could be kingmaker in Danish elections

Contributed by Lucia

"Naser Khader is one of Denmark's most popular MPs. Raised in a village outside Damascus by his Palestinian father and Syrian mother, the family moved to Copenhagen when he was 11. Now the 44-year-old politician is set to play a key role in the outcome of next week's general election. He could be the the kingmaker of the country's next government.....

Mr Khader is not the only prominent politician of Middle Eastern origins in Denmark. Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, a 25-year-old social worker from the far-left Red-Green Alliance, and the daughter of Palestinian political refugees, is also running for parliament.

If she is elected - and at this stage, it looks like she will be - she would become the first MP to wear the hijab both in the Danish parliament and in Europe......"

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