Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Defining Israeli Zionist Racism: Part 11/12

by Kim Petersen and B.J. Sabri / January 9th, 2008

"Section 2: Deconstructing Kay’s statement

After we outlined a comprehensive account on the definition of Israeli Zionist racism as a premise to rebutting Kay’s comments on “Defining Racism”, we want to reaffirm the following: Zionist Israeli racism is different from many other forms of racism. This is mainly because it has an international cover, and it enjoys impunity, and benefits from prodigious supplies of armaments and money from the United States, Britain, Germany, France, and Zionist organizations.

As for Zionist Israeli racism being diverse from other racism, let us discuss the matter briefly. For instance, Japanese acts of fascist racism in Korea and China, although belonging to the same racial matrix as Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese, stemmed from Japanese supremacist feelings, because, at that time, it had an advanced economy based on incipient western-style industrialization, aggressive militarization, and fanatic nationalism. Another example is the current American fascist racism, which is more advanced and complex than that of Japan for multiple reasons. Among these is the persistence of militarized racism in international relations, rampant cultural and economic discrimination against ethnic and religious groups making up the American nation, persistent economic disparities among social groups, the dominance of white British and Anglo-Saxon culture in a multi-ethnic society, rampant Zionization of the American culture and institutions, poverty among minorities, and so on.

Yet, while both American and Israeli racisms have many traits in common (since both societies derive their existence from colonialism and expropriation of land belonging to others), they, nevertheless, differ in one crucial respect: American racism is a product of self-styled and self-generated colonialism; Israeli colonialism is dependent, that is, Israel cannot sustain its colonialism from inside. In fact, without Western aid, Israel’s collapse is a distinct possibility notwithstanding its nuclear weapons and so-called military superiority over its adversaries. Paradoxically, Zionism itself (as a racist doctrine) is the causative factor in making Israel insecure psychologically.

This insecurity finds its justification in a paradox whereby Jews believe they are superior since a mythological deity chose them to be a “special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth,” (Deuteronomy 7:6). (For the record, fundamentalist Christian zealots back Jews’ (accepting that they are the successor of the Israelites) self-bestowed sense of superiority despite the fact that the Zionist state discriminates against Palestinian Christians under its occupation. In his book, Ballam’s Curse, Moshe Leshem, a former Israeli diplomat, summarized the essence of Israeli supremacist beliefs as follows:

“… But in order to win support from the mass of European Jews, the early Zionists misappropriated the trappings of religious Judaism, portraying their hopes-for Jewish state as the fulfillment of the Jewish people’s theological destiny—their Biblically ordained role as the Chosen People that through whom God would redeem mankind.”1 [italics added]

Interestingly, and based on Leshem’s statement, the problem that makes Israel such a busy nest of racism is, then, twofold:

1. The dogma of the Judaic religion that makes its adherents believe in their uniqueness,

2. The Zionist belief that they can create a state exclusive for the Jews at the expense of the Palestinians while they can still control the entire globe with extensive networks of Jews having diverse nationalities.

The other reason for Israeli racism is a material-ideological sickness that tends to view the Arabs and Palestinians as necessarily wicked because they refuse subjugation to the Zionist order in the Middle East. Ultimately, a sense of Zionist superiority must be at play because no matter what atrocities they commit, western imperialist states are on their side but that, of course, is not because of tender mercies or love; it is because Israel is the right instrument to revamp colonialism.

Having said that, discussing Israeli Zionist racism should serve principally to uncover the propaganda terrain on which Zionist operatives conduct their ceaseless efforts to rewrite and falsify history, as well as to expose as baseless the rationales that lubricate the racist engine of the Jewish state and its illegal and illegitimate practices in Palestine and in the Arab world.

Consequently, we will treat Kay’s comments as being representative of operational Zionism and complete our rebuttal based on two levels: 1) general context, and 2) the deconstructed contents. We will demonstrate that, aside from ingrained racism, Israel and its western imperialist supporters are keen at falsifying events in the history of Palestine and the Middle East to suit Zionist Israel’s version of the same, while counting on controlled media and on the passage of time to lobotomize the memory of nations and its verifiable chronicled events.

Zionists maybe able to re-write history and believe in it too, but objective forces of history would always be able to erase the spurious chapters and re-write things differently. History is just the recordings of past events by humans; this matter, evidenced by rewritings and re-analysis of historical events illustrates the fluidity of history. This argues resolutely against any era of history that some try to depict sacrosanct and beyond reproach......."

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