Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A thorn in the Shin Bet's side

By Amira Hass

"......Only last Friday, Barghouti, with hundreds of Palestinian activists and a hundred Israelis, took part in a demonstration against Road 443, which is blocked to Palestinians. Barghouti is frequently interviewed by foreign journalists because of his eloquence, and he is exactly the person who will stick pins in balloons that are inflated with false optimism on the progress of the negotiations because the Palestinian and Israeli negotiating chiefs - Ahmed Qureia and Tzipi Livni - have managed to come up with procedures for convening the committee that will discuss "the core issues."

His messages interfere with the new taming course that Israel is trying to give the Palestinian Authority's high officials. Its main lesson is how to nurture the rupture with Hamas and how to swallow the frog of the settlements. And this is what makes Barghouti a thorn in the side of the Shin Bet. "

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