Thursday, March 13, 2008

Crossing the Line interviews Gaza-based journalist Rami Almeghari

Podcast, Crossing the Line, 13 March 2008

"This week on Crossing the Line: Israel continues its siege and steps up attacks on the Gaza Strip killing more than 100 Palestinians, the majority of whom were civilians according to various human rights organizations. Host Naji Ali* speaks with journalist, Rami Almeghari, to get an update on the situation in Gaza.

Next, in Canada the Jewish Defense League has been accused of arson at a student organization's office, and at another campus a university provost bans student activists from using the term "Israeli Apartheid." Ali speaks with Laith Marouf, chapter coordinator of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, about these incidents and the other difficulties Palestine solidarity activists face in Canada.

Also in the program, a poem by award winning Palestinian-American poet, Suheir Hammad. And as always, Crossing the Line begins with "This week in Palestine," a service provided by The International Middle East Media Center."

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