Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Senior security official confirms lull agreement with Hamas

Now it's official: Despite Olmert's denials, defense official confirms agreement between Hamas, Israel worked out via Egyptian mediation; Israel to refrain from massive Gaza attacks in exchange for end to rocket fire

"Violence in Gaza to end, for now: Despite earlier denials by top officials in Jerusalem, a senior defense official has confirmed Tuesday that an agreement on a lull in Gaza Strip fighting has been worked out.

In a conversation with French news agency AFP, the security official said that an agreement that would see an end to Israeli military operations in the Strip in exchange for an end to rocket attacks on Israel has been finalized via Egyptian mediation efforts.

According to the defense source, who asked to remain anonymous, Egypt played an active role in reaching the agreement in the aims of bringing about a truce that would see the Israeli "siege" on Gaza lifted. The official added that Israel is currently engaged in contacts with Egypt on doubling the number of Egyptian soldiers deployed on the Gaza border to 1,500......"

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