Friday, March 14, 2008

Stop Israel!

Instead of slamming the Palestinian resistance, the Arabs should formulate a better strategy for stopping Israeli atrocities

By Galal Nassar
Al-Ahram Weekly

"Israel's military campaign against Gaza, coming at a time when the Arab world is sorely divided, is proof of how unbalanced our confrontation with the enemy has become. We're spending too much time debating the merits of resistance and legitimacy, the absurdity of rockets, and what kind of government the Palestinians should have. We're worried about whether the Arab summit will meet on time, but the pain of children and the screams of the maimed and wounded have failed to entice us to do more.

Over the past two weeks, nearly 130 Palestinians were killed in Gaza, and more are likely to succumb to their wounds. The Israeli occupation forces have committed atrocities on a scale unknown since 1967. Entire families have died under the rubble, finally becoming one with the land they lived in hope of setting free. The valiant resistance, undaunted by the horrors, forced the Israelis to end the first phase of the incursion. Israel recalled its forces from Gaza but only after fierce aerial bombardment took the lives of six more Palestinians. What will happen now? Most likely, the Israelis are going to resume their attack, for nothing has been done to stop them.....

Either the rockets don't serve a particular purpose, in which case we should look to other options for stopping Israel, or the rockets are doing some damage, in which case we should stop slamming the resistance. We need a course of action that would give us peace without depriving us of security. We need a way to stop Israel and keep it stopped...."

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