Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Israeli officials: Israel accepts a month-long trial truce with Hamas. Abbas screams, "How About Me? How About Me?"

"Amos Gilaad, the Israeli Defence Minister Adviser for Security and Political Affairs told Israeli media on Tuesday that Israel has agreed to announce a month-long trial truce with Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza.

According to the Israeli official, the Israeli army will commit to stop attacks in the Gaza strip if the Palestinian resistance groups, including Hamas, which has controlled the strip since June 2007, stop the firing of home made shells from the coastal region into nearby Israeli areas.

Israeli media sources said that Gilaad told Egyptian officials on Sunday that Israel is willing to have a month long calm if Hamas stops the firing of home made shells and the opening of tunnels on the Gaza-Egypt borders, which they allege are being used to allegedly smuggle weapons.

Palestinian government sources stated that the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is working to include the West Bank in any truce agreement. [What a loser! The traitor is already an Israeli ally and has already disarmed the resistance in the West Bank. His "security" services closely coordinate with the IOF. You don't have a truce with an ally, do you Mr. Abbas?? ] "

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