Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Calls for Further Escalation Put Obama in Tight Spot on Afghanistan

Growing Opposition to Make General's Troop Request a Tough Sell

by Jason Ditz

"In March when President Barack Obama put forward a new strategy for the Afghan War involving a significant escalation, there was little public opposition. Newly elected and promising to unite the international community behind the war, it was an easy sell despite seven years of failure.

But just five months later Admiral Mullen is talking about “starting over in the war torn nation, and General Stanley McChrystal is now offering yet another “new strategy” with yet another new escalation, another 20,000 troops beyond what Obama has already sent.

It’s not exactly a great time for the president to try to sell, with record violence in the nation and polls showing opposition to the war at an all time high. Many in Congress, with an eye toward capitalizing on the war exhaustion in 2010’s elections, are talking about timelines for an end to the disastrous war, which President Obama has sought to make the centerpiece of his foreign policy........"

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