Wednesday, September 2, 2009

EU Official Implies Israel behind July Hijacking of Russian Ship


"02/09/2009 A European source said in a recent interview with Time Magazine published Monday, that Israel was responsible for the hijacking of Russian cargo ship the Arctic Sea since it was suspected of carrying an arms shipment to the Middle East.

The Arctic Sea went missing in July while en route from Finland to Algeria. Its disappearance sparked reports of a first incident of piracy in European waters in modern times.

The Russian Navy has since located the ship, arrested the alleged hijackers and charged them with kidnapping and piracy, but Admiral Tarmo Kouts, the European Union's rapporteur on piracy, now says the Arctic Sea was intercepted by Israel as it carried a secret cargo of weapons to the Middle East.

Russia has adamantly denied the ship was carrying any kind of military supplies......"

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