Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Expulsion of Palestinians from UAE draws criticism

Press TV

"The Palestinians residing in the United Arab Emirates have expressed their criticism at a government decision to expel thousands of them under the pretext of security concerns.

Palestinian refugees, in a letter addressed to the ruling al-Nahyan family, drew attention to their plight caused by the Israeli occupation and called upon high-profile Emirati authorities to reverse the decision. The letter went on to highlight that the expulsion of the Palestinians who have been in the UAE for over two decades would undoubtedly exert undue strain on them as well as their families.

It also lambasted the UAE government's persecution of the Palestinians who have been ordered to leave the Middle East country, rapping officials over the degrading treatment that the Palestinians receive at the Persian Gulf state's Interior Ministry.

This is while the Palestinians in question have had no criminal record and no history of violence....."

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