Thursday, September 3, 2009

Threat to Peace: "Foreign military bases in our region": Bariloche -- Good Strike!

The imperial strategy has always been

by Hugo Chávez Frías
Global Research, September 2, 2009
Latin American Herald Tribune

"CARACAS -- The imperial strategy has always been notable for the weakening and dissolution of any attempt the peoples have made to determine their own destiny.

The ancient and recent history confirms it. There is no possible domination if the processes of sovereignty and independence are not undermined. This is the reason why the empire fears the South American progress towards unity. In this sense, more than a project of simple circumstantial alliances, Unasur is a supreme urgency imposed to the peoples that share a history, a memory and a hope.

Aware of this situation, Venezuela attended the Extraordinary Summit of Bariloche, held last Friday August 28.......

"We are not willing to bequeath the evil patrimony of a new colonial period, but the luminous patrimony of the definite independence.

*Homeland, Socialism or Death! We will achieve victory!*"

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