Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lecture by Ilan Pappé at the Stuttgart Conference (Video + Transcript)

Supporting the Refugees’ right of return is saying NO to Israeli racism

Silviacattori.net, January 10, 2011

Courtesy of Uruknet.info

"......We have not very nice regimes in the Middle East, I agree, the political regimes in the Middle East are nothing to write home about, I would not publicize them as recommendations for future societies to build their politics on this basis, but not one of them is racist. The only racist state is the Jewish state of Israel. One of the only ways of engaging with this racist state is to challenge it on the right of the refugees to return. Not because it is practical, or not practical, because it deals with the genetic code of the Jewish state. The idea that you can colonize is not new, but the idea in the XXI century that you can maintain this colonization by openly maintaining a racist state, should not be acceptable, especially not in this country."

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