Monday, January 10, 2011

Video Interview with Nir Rosen: Aftermath of US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Press TV

A so-so interview in my opinion

".....And the US - if you're going to be an imperialist occupier, at least be good at it. An occupation was wrong. With that being said, it didn't have to be so wrong. They could have been more efficient at it; they could have prevented a civil war I think; they didn't have to arrest tens of thousands of innocent men and kill so many innocent people at check points.

So I would say on the whole that many Iraqis think that life was better under Saddam - at least you were safer - if you didn't join politics or join the Da'wa party or just kept your mouth shut. You didn't have to worry about your kids leaving the house, going to school and getting blown up. So we actually managed to make Saddam look good. It is a statement of just how incompetent we as a US empire are. We made the Taliban look good in Afghanistan and we made Saddam look good in Iraq. "

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