Monday, February 14, 2011

Ayman Nour Calls for Revision of Israel Peace Treaty


"Opposition leader Ayman Nour said Sunday that "the role of the Camp David accord has ended" after the Egyptian army stressed it was committed to observing all of Egypt's international treaties.

In an interview with a Lebanese radio station, Nour, who served a lengthy jail sentence during deposed president Hosni Mubarak's era, said Egypt "is a great country and must respect its agreements. As for Camp David – this is a unique issue with unique aspects – the people will decide on this matter."For all intents and purposes, Camp David is over, because it is an old treaty and its terms must be improved in a way that will correspond with Egypt's interests," said Nour, who is considered one of the more liberal opposition figures and has no ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

"The Egyptian rights must be improved, because these rights - as they appear in the Camp David accord – are very modest," he said. As of now Nour is the only political figure to challenge the army's position vis-à-vis international treaties. He has relatively little clout within the opposition."

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