Monday, February 14, 2011

Hypocrites “Congratulate” The Egyptians: Too Late, Just Ikhras


"The reaction of the Washington Arabs to the popular revolution in Egypt has served as a reminder of their hypocrisy and opportunism. It’s well established that in order for the members of the self-styled “Arab Lobby” in Washington to continue functioning on the margins of the political establishment, and ensure the presence of a few US officials at their annual conventions or galas, they are required to adopt not only the official Washington discourse, but also the mindset and political culture as well. This inherently racist political culture views the Arab world with contempt. The Arab or Muslim is viewed as naive and unsophisticated. Those who hold this view are willing to say anything no matter how outrageous, hypocritical, or contradictory it may be without regard for how such statements may be received or any respect for the ability of Arabs to evaluate the credibility or sincerity of those making the statements....."

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