Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yemenis protest amid crackdown

Violence escalates between government supporters and protesters calling for the president's ouster.


"Protests in Yemen are spiralling out of control as they enter their sixth consecutive day, with pro-democracy protesters and government loyalists clashing in Sanaa, the capital.

Despite thousands of police being deployed across the city, dozens of students demanding the president's ouster clashed with government supporters at Sanaa university on Wednesday.

Demonstrators were set upon by hundreds of loyalists armed with batons, stones and daggers [Yemen's version of the Pharaoh's Baltagis] , shortly after they set off from the university towards al-Sabiine square.

Some protesters fled while others hurled stones, and clashes later spread to the university campus.....

The US is shortly to embark on a $75m project to train Yemen's counterterrorism unit, US officials say.

Saleh became leader of North Yemen in 1978 and has ruled the Republic of Yemen since the north and south merged in 1990."

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