Friday, August 16, 2013

Haunting photos from Egypt of a veiled woman trying to stop a bulldozer

The Washington Post

".......Amid the violence, the ripped tents and toppled home-made barricades, a veiled woman, one of the protesters, appeared to be challenging a massive bulldozer head-on.

The bulldozer, identified by Getty caption information as belonging to the military but may more likely be associated with state security services, appears to have been tearing through the protest camp’s home-made – and ultimately futile – system of barricades when the woman in the photos chased it down, waving sticks in the air in an apparent attempt to get security forces’ attention.

Moneim’s next photo may show why she was so desperate to stop the bulldozer. It shows the massive vehicle looming over a young man, who is lying wounded and bleeding on the ground, its path now blocked by the veiled woman:

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